This worksheet is designed to help me help you resolve your personal / life insurance requirements.  There is no obligation placed on you by completing this form, it serves only to help me advise you.  Please answer the questions below as relevant to your situation, then press submit to send the answers to me. 

My aim is to reply with comments and an estimate of your insurance requirements within 48 hours, or be in touch if I am delayed in doing so.  If you have any questions please contact me on 0411 402 283.

  • Enter a net (post-tax) income figure per year (estimate is fine).
  • Enter an asset / debt figure.
  • Enter a figure for school fees + associated costs, based on current year budget or payments.
  • Including mortgage, personal loans, credit card etc. Just sum the total value (estimate will do).
  • Include any land, holiday home, car etc.
  • Examples may be shares or a rental property.
  • Enter a net income figure, after subtracting costs. Estimate is fine.
  • Enter (and tally) as per your latest statements or estimate.
  • As per latest statement or estimate.
  • Enter as per your latest statement or estimate.
  • Enter insured sums / pay-out figures for Death, Total & Permanent Disability and Income Protection.
  • Please enter the figure you receive per year / over past year.
  • Enter any factors you deem may be relevant, we will help you ascertain.