I provide a range of services that assist your financial planning, from ad hoc advice to detailed planning and regular reviews.  Review the list of services below which link to pages with more details.

Budget and cash flow planning: This is a critical step to freeing up the income that you require to build up some real wealth over time. I can help identify ways that you can achieve this goal.

Wealth building strategies: I assist you to build wealth over a suitable time frame using strategies that fit your cash flow, risk tolerance and investment preferences. This may involve borrowing to invest, salary sacrificing income to superannuation or many other strategies. A good starting point is to think about your investment purpose, goals, desired returns and how you feel about risk, click here to access my help with these issues.

Superannuation Strategies: I can talk you through the benefits and pitfalls of super, whether a self managed super fund is suitable for you and how to get the most out of super investing via tax savings, investment returns, life risk protection and prudent estate planning in the event of your death.

Life Risk Advice: Have you ever thought about the impact that your death (or that of your spouse) or an inability to earn income would have upon your family’s living standard. I can assess any shortfalls in your financial position and recommend the appropriate life insurance cover to ensure the financial well being of your family into the future.  Read more by visiting our Risk Protection section.

Business Insurance: Business owners also need to think about the consequences of having to replace a business partner. Who will purchase that business equity, at what price and in what time frame and how will the purchase be funded? I can analyse these issues and develop a solution that will remove these uncertainties for you.

Aged Care Advice: People entering aged care facilities (hostels, nursing homes etc) often need to make critical decisions that determine the fees charged and affordability of their facility of choice, their age pension entitlements and impact upon their partner. This includes issues like should the family home be sold or rented? You may like to peruse my overview of aged care financial planning, and also my checklist on estate planning so you connect with relevant issues.

I explain your options in easy to understand terms that will allow you to make an informed decision and achieve “peace of mind” for the future.  Why not book an appointment with me to discuss your financial journey?

To learn more about the financial planning process click here.

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