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Downsizer Super Contributions

Individuals aged 65 years or over are now able to contribute up to $300,000 (per person) to superannuation from the proceeds of selling their main residence. These ‘downsizer contributions’ can be made regardless of other restrictions and caps that apply to voluntary super contributions (eg age, meeting the work test or the total super balance […]

Repaying deductible debt? Here’s a better idea.

Here’s something you might not expect to hear a financial planner say: maybe repaying your debt is the last thing you should do. We should explain. Not all debt is equal. Financial planners divide debt into two broad types: deductible and non-deductible. As these names suggest, deductible debt lets you claim a tax deduction for […]

How To Manage Your Investment Portfolio?

The rapid development of technology has allowed us to manage investment portfolios in ways that are more time efficient and incur lower costs. However, the sheer breadth of choices has left most consumers (including SMSF trustees) confused and unable to take advantage of the investment opportunities available to them. We have researched most technologies and […]

No Need To Salary Sacrifice Any More

Until now, salary sacrifice has been one of the only ways that an employee can make an extra tax-advantaged contribution into their super fund. Some of the problems encountered by employees include: * The employer may choose not to offer salary sacrificing due to the extra administrative burden.* Some employers may legally finance the compulsory […]