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5 Key Challenges In Retirement

In this article, we have chosen to look at the 5 main challenges faced by people planning their retirement or currently retired. These issues especially relevant since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed the way we think about retirement planning. These key challenges are as follows: (1) Longer lifespan – increased risk […]

Getting Early Access to Your Super

The latest Federal government stimulus package initiative in response to the coronavirus pandemic, will allow eligible people early access to up to $20K from their superannuation, before 30th September 2020. In this video, we discuss individual eligibility and other issues to consider before making a decision to access benefits.

Will You Outlive Your Savings?

“Longevity Risk” concerns the liklihood of living a long enough life to run out of money. While life expectancies have increased, some of the traditional forms of income support enjoyed by some of the previous generation have diminished. For example, most defined benefit superannuation schemes (that promise to pay a lifetime indexed income to the […]

How to Supplement Your Centrelink Income

The recent changes to the Centrelink assets test has reduced or eliminated income support entitlements for many part pensioners. However, Centrelink’s “Pension Loans Scheme” offers a way to generate additional regular cash flow to improve one’s quality of life. The scheme is a type of government provided “reverse mortgage”, available to people receiving less than […]