How To Manage Your Investment Portfolio?

The rapid development of technology has allowed us to manage investment portfolios in ways that are more time efficient and incur lower costs. However, the sheer breadth of choices has left most consumers (including SMSF trustees) confused and unable to take advantage of the investment opportunities available to them. We have researched most technologies and […]

No Need To Salary Sacrifice Any More

Until now, salary sacrifice has been one of the only ways that an employee can make an extra tax-advantaged contribution into their super fund. Some of the problems encountered by employees include: * The employer may choose not to offer salary sacrificing due to the extra administrative burden.* Some employers may legally finance the compulsory […]

Share and Property Market Investing

This is an exciting week for financial advisers. Once a year, a very important piece of research becomes available. It is the Long-Term Investment Report. The latest report has just been released and it tracks the long-term performance of various asset classes over the last 20 years. This long-term emphasis is why the report is […]

Australian Housing- Is a Decline Imminent?

Over the last 5 years, we have seen an increase in the number of forecasters expecting a significant decline in Australian house prices. However, prices have generally continued to increase. In this article, we wish to recount the factors that have supported this price appreciation while identifying the factors to look for that may signal […]

Financial Planning Week

Its Financial Planning Week which presents us with an opportunity to educate and inspire Australians about the important role that financial planners can play in helping people to achieve their financial goals. Consequently, we suggest that you take a look at the Financial Planning Association’s “Money for Life” website to view videos where people discuss […]

Key Things to Know About Exchange Traded Funds

The Australian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) market has now reached $30B. According to the BetaShares/Investment Trends ETF Report, 38% of investors hold ETFs via Self Managed Super Funds and there was a 31% increase in the number of investors over the previous 12 months. Further, millennials are expected to be significant drivers of ETF growth […]

A Head Start to Wealth Creation

We often assist people in their 20s-40s to begin the process of building an investment portfolio. Typically, their ultimate aim is to gain control of their financial situation and accrue assets to support their future lifestyle. To achieve success, we believe that the key steps in this process include: (1) Managing Cash Flow Understanding where […]