Where are Investment Markets Now?

Vanguard, in their April 2015 Commentary, discuss the outlook for the local sharemarket over the next few years and what it means for investment portfolios.  They believe that: (1) Australia faces a higher risk (but no certainty) of a recession as the mining boom winds down and household and government/ business sector spending remains weak. […]

Investment markets update and accessing super fund support for temporary disability

Are Australian shares over-valued? Following the strong recent performance of the Australian share market, investors are asking whether the market is now overvalued. Their dilemma is that this appears to be the case on some measures, while others suggest fair-value. How can this be? Read on or click on my video at right to listen […]

Can your super support your temporary disability?

Most of us are aware that superannuation benefits can be paid out on retirement (i.e. after attaining your preservation age), as well as on suffering permanent incapacity and on death. Many are not aware that our super savings can also provide some welcome relief during a period of temporary incapacity. However strict rules apply that […]

Leaving Australia and self managed super?

For an SMSF to remain an Australian Super Fund and retain its complying fund status (including concessional tax treatment), the fund must pass the residency requirements by satisfying 3 tests that are:1. establishment of the fund in Australia,2. the central management and control of the fund is ordinarily in Australia and3. at least 50 per […]

Property issues for 2015

Pleased to publish our January Client Update, which looks at: ·         The current uncertainty in financial markets and the implications for 2015. ·         The risks facing property investors. ·         A new approach to property investing that can reduce risk by providing diversification without borrowing. Investment Markets The major developments over the last month include the sharp drops in […]

Maximising Your SMSF Benefits

Hi all, I look forward to providing some very helpful tips on how you can improve your SMSF performance. We do this by tackling important but often overlooked issues such as: Investment portfolio returns and avoiding capital losses. Using smart strategies to save tax and maximise current and future benefits. Complying with the complex regulations […]