Downsizer Super Contributions

Individuals aged 65 years or over are now able to contribute up to $300,000 (per person) to superannuation from the proceeds of selling their main residence. These ‘downsizer contributions’ can be made regardless of other restrictions and caps that apply to voluntary super contributions (eg age, meeting the work test or the total super balance […]

Super Contribution Opportunities for 2019/20

Legislation changes apply from 1st July 2019 that provide some people with an opportunity to contribute more to superannuation than previously possible. Work Test Exemption Allows certain people aged 65-74, to make a once-off contribution in the year following the year in which they last met the “work test”. One qualifier is that the person’s […]

Considering Investment Alternatives to Property

Why is property such a popular option for Australian investors? Property is something people tend to be more comfortable with as an investment because it’s a tangible commodity and they’re more familiar with what’s involved in buying and owning real estate. When I talk to many clients about buying shares, they often don’t understand the […]

The Royal Commission:What does it mean for you?

The Royal Commission has handed down 76 recommendations, all of which the Government intends to implement. However, the new regulations will be debated in parliament and could take several months to enact. Essentially, the focus of the recommendations is on having all financial institutions and advisers put their clients first as a priority and to […]